Create a Cultural Understanding – Scripting your story

Type of Lesson: Audio

Discipline and Topic – Spanish Level 4 – Hispanic Heritage Month/ Scripting in Spanish

Target Population –

Grade Level: 10-11th grade

Population Characteristics: Students are honors level students who are enrolled in course 4 Spanish.

Lesson Groupings: Individual

Curriculum Links –Students in Spanish 4 have been taking Spanish for at least 4 years previously, and are now at the point in their education where they need to be using Spanish in a more fluent manner than stilted conversations. This lesson is part of a unit which explores Hispanic Heritage Month and has been preceded by many in which the students have identified important information about a country of Hispanic descent and gathered images to support their findings. This unit is the first of many which asks students to have full streams of consciousness in the Spanish Language.

Objectives –

Students will be able to….

  • Create a storyboard for a photostory

  • Create a narration script for a photostory without the use of an online translator

  • Demonstrate their ability to speak in the Spanish Language

  • Identify the source of their information using MLA style

  • Identify the source of images using MLA style

Media Literacy Objectives –

4. Employ curriculum-specific simulations to practice critical-thinking processes. (1, 4)

8. Model legal and ethical behaviors when using information and technology by properly selecting, acquiring, and citing resources. (3, 5)

Materials and Timing –

Lap Top cart with internet access and PhotoStory 3

Two 45 minute class periods

Scope and Sequence –

Students have already conducted research on a country of Hispanic Heritage and must now assemble what they have gathered into a Photostory. Students will be given two days to write and record their script and storyboard for their photostories. The Spanish teacher will be present to help with translations, while the librarian is available to help with technical difficulties and MLA citation style. Students have already been told that there are no minimum requirements for length, and that it is up to them to determine how much information is necessary to give us an understanding of what life is like in their assigned country.

Supplemental Materials –

Student conducted research

Example storyboards

Evaluation of Students –

Evaluation of the Lesson –

This lesson will be deemed a success if students start to rely on their teacher and the dictionary to help them with translations and move away from online translators. Furthermore, if students are actively engaged in creating and recording their scripts, I will know that they see the value in what they are doing. If, when viewing each others creations, students are able to understand what their classmates have said, this lesson will have accomplished the goal of helping students think and process in the target language.