Decoding Popular Spanish Music Prompts

Name _____________________________________________

Please use these questions as a prompt to help you write your reaction. Although you are expected to answer these questions, you must also form a coherent, thoughtful and grammatically correct written reaction in Spanish. You are expected to complete two analyses by the end of the period today. Please feel free to listen to each song more than once.

URL of song

Who sings this song?

What is the title of the song?

Spanish Lyrics

English Translation

Why does the artist sing this song?

What does it mean symbolically?

Does this song remind you of anything?

Does this song remind you of events or people in your life?

How was this song the same as something you might listen to in English?

How was this song different from something you might listen to in English?

Would you listen to this song if it was in English?

Would you be interested in hearing more songs by this artist?

Please use the remaining space as a place to form a rough draft of your response. Use a separate sheet of paper to write your final draft and hand both sheets in.