Decoding Popular Spanish Music

Description of the material selected as the focus of the Lesson – contains numerous Spanish Language popular songs that students can listen to. These songs are performed by native Spanish speakers at a natural pace.

Discipline and Topic – AP Spanish Language – Listening Comprehension

Target Population –

Grade Level: High School (10-12)

Population Characteristics: Junior and Senior honors students enrolled in an Advanced Placement Spanish Language Course

Lesson Groupings: Individual

Curriculum Links – The AP Spanish Language Test uses a number of listening prompts. Students must be able to respond to the spoken language in writing as well as conversation and give an oral presentation. Exam study recommendations include: listening to a number of fluent native speakers at different speeds with different accents, these may include TV and radio programs, as well as DVDs and CDs. This lesson will focus on Spanish language Music. This is just one of a number of listening activities that will be used to help strengthen students listening and responding abilities throughout the year.

Objectives –

Students will be able to…

    • Identify the artist

    • Identify the song title

    • Create a written response to the music

Media Literacy Objectives –

Students will be able to…

    • Listen for understanding (translate song lyrics)

    • Listen for reaction

Materials and Timing –

Computers with internet access


Question Prompts

(1) 45 minute period

Scope and Sequence –

Students will be introduced to the activity, and given specific aural and written instructions which include listening to at least 2 different songs in the Spanish Language. They will then be instructed to log in to the website and select a music video to analyze. They will be instructed to listen without looking at the computer screen as they take notes and complete the question prompts. At the end of the period, students will be expected to submit their notes and completed question prompts as well as a written reaction to the songs they analysed.

Supplemental Materials –

Spanish/English Dictionaries

Evaluation of Students –

Evaluation of the Lesson –

This lesson will be deemed a success if students continue to analyze Spanish song lyrics without prompting in an effort to better their listening comprehension of the Spanish Language.

This lesson will further be deemed a success if students are focused and engaged in the learning experience.

Questions for revision: Was there enough time? Was there too little time? Was the website easy to navigate for students? Were there technical difficulties? What could I do differently to make this lesson more successful in the future?