Note Taking From Videos

Type of Lesson: Video

Lesson Plan Title – Making Meaning with Video

Discipline and Topic – Information Literacy/Note taking

Target Population –

Grade Level: 10-12

Population Characteristics: Fully integrated classes who are preparing to write a research paper using primary and secondary source documents

Lesson Groupings: whole class and individual

Curriculum Links – Students have been immersed in an Information Literacy Skills Curriculum which culminates in creating a research project. They have had lessons on gathering information from print and internet sources, as well as lessons on plagiarism, and finding sources.

Objectives –

Students will be able to….

    • Paraphrase what they heard and saw after watching a video

    • Add detail to notes on second viewing of a video

    • Identify key points based on notes from watching a video

    • Justify the use of video as an information source for their research topic

    • Create an MLA citation for the video clip they choose

Media Literacy Objectives –

3. Select digital tools or resources to use for a real-world task and justify the selection based on their efficiency and effectiveness. (3,6)

8. Model legal and ethical behaviors when using information and technology by properly selecting, acquiring, and citing resources. (3,5)

Materials and Timing –

Laptop cart with internet access; LCD Projector and Laptop with internet access; Multiple colored writing utensils; Paper; 2 (45) minute periods

Scope and Sequence –

Day 1 – Students will be introduced to the idea of using video as a source of information for their topics. They will then be reminded of the fact that note taking is imperative if they intend to use the information in any way. Students will be directed to put away all paper and writing utensils as they view a short video for the first time. Students will then spend 5 minutes writing down everything they can remember from the video. The video will be played a second time, and students will be asked to add notes to what they remembered using a different color ink. After the video has been played a second time, students will be asked to write a paragraph describing the key points of the video, using their notes as a reference. Students will also be shown how to locate and arrange the required information to create a proper MLA citation for a video. All notes will be collected at the end of the period and returned the following day. (As this lesson is designed for use across the curriculum, a specific video for initial student viewing will be identified when the curriculum area teacher chooses to implement the lesson)

Day 2 – Students will be directed to the PowerMediaPlus website. They will be instructed to find a video relating to their topic, and apply the strategy for note taking introduced on the first day to the video containing information on their topic. Students will be required to create a proper MLA citation for the video they choose. Students will also be asked to write a 1 paragraph justification for why the video they selected will be helpful to them in their project. All notes will be collected at the end of the period and returned the following day.

Supplemental Materials –

Evaluation of Students –

Evaluation of the Lesson – This lesson will be deemed a success if students are able to apply note taking skills to other areas of the curriculum, particularly while watching videos in their other classes, and also when they are asked in future lessons to use this process for audio files. This lesson will further be deemed a success if students begin to view videos as a legitimate source of information when they have an information need. Finally, if students are engaged in the lesson, and do not seem confused by the process, this lesson will be viewed as a success.